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Blind Strike Can Kill by Viresse

It seemed like a good idea at the time!

Disclaimer: I do not own any LotR characters or places.

Summary: Elladan tried to cheer up Estel

Main character: Elladan and Estel (Aragon)

Rating: K

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

The incident happened on a cool bright morning when Elladan found Estel alone in the garden, kicking every fallen leaf with force as if they were nasty beasts. Elladan was told that Estel had been unusually quiet for the whole morning. It was something enough to make Elladan sorrow. Estel, to most elves and human in Rivendell, was a hyperactive and talkative little boy. Elladan wondered what made his little brother unhappy; something that not even Estel’s mother Gilraen was able to get a hint.

Elladan, being the eldest brother, thought that it was his responsibility to cheer up Estel. Elladan decided he must think of something, must do something for his brother….but what?…something to cheer…arh! maybe this will work…


Upon hearing Elladan’s call, Estel stopped kicking the leaves, his body stiffed for a little while before slowly turning his head backwards to meet his brother. Elladan involuntarily swallowed a gasping air in his throat when a pair of dull eyes met him. Taking a deep breath, Elladan tried again.

‘Estel, do you want to practice your sword with me?’

The reaction was immediate, Estel’s face lighted up at the very instant when Elladan voiced ‘sword’. Estel’s eyes turned from dull to determination. Even though he tried to suppress his happiness by pulling a blank face right afterwards, Elladan instantly knew it was a good idea.

Although Estel was only five years old, his family, either by blood or by adoption, knew that this little boy would bare a responsibility much bigger than any stones or rocks you could find in Rivendell. It was therefore decided to start Estel’s sword training earlier than any usual children, even by human standard. Not surprisingly enough, Estel loved sword training and he even assigned extra practicing time to himself. He was learning fast and he could wield his wooden sword quite well.

After receiving a slight nod from his brother, Elladan took off with Estel to the practicing field and prepared for a cheerful day with Estel, or so he thought.


Estel was not aware he was kicking the rusty leaves that happened to lie beneath his foot. He was too busy thinking about his sword practice with Luinëhen. Well, the result of the sword practice, to be precise.

Luinëhen was a grade higher than Estel and it was reasonable that Estel lose, however, it was not so to Estel’s mind.

Estel was among the best in his sword-training group and he was learning to swing his wooden sword quiet well, for a five years old boy. Last night, when Estel was working on a new move, he saw Luinëhen nearby and was overly excited to invite the slightly taller elf to do a sword practice section with him. No one could say no to such an enthusiastic request, so Luinëhen accepted.

The practice did not take long and it ended when Luinëhen’s sword hit Estel’s upper leg. It was not a heavy hit at all but Estel was stunned after the hit. Luinëhen was worried if he had hit Estel too hard and quickly offered an apology. Estel shook his head and confirmed that he was not hurt. Although he lied that he had forgot his assignment of the day and hastily dismissed himself.

Estel could not believe Luinëhen hit him, Estel thought his move was perfect, but just how that hit came and he could not even saw it coming? Estel thought about it all night, angry with himself for being clumsy and lose the ‘fight’.

Now, here is my chance. Estel thought when Elladan invited him to do sword practicing. I won’t be clumsy again. I’m going to show how good I am and my brother will be proud of me.


Somewhere near the main house, there stood a few strong banyan trees and two brothers who were practicing with their wooden swords.

Each of Estel’s swing was well aimed, albeit wasting too much energy on swinging each strike. Estel needed to perfect his move, however, this was something Estel has to learn in the future, not today. Elladan was glad to see his brother full of energy again.

Elladan blocked Estel’s every strikes easily and it just made Estel frustrated. I just need one hit, one hit!

Too determine to win the game, Estel swung each blow harder and harder. However, it also made him tired quicker. Estel’s hand was now shaking from his fatigue. It was then when Elladan’s made his next strike, although not hard at all, the strength was enough to loose the wooden sword away from Estel’s hand.

Estel’s eyes widened with shock, he watched his wooden sword now laid on the grass bed with utter disbelieved. Elladan’s heart sunk when Estel looked as if he was going to cry. Before Elladan could offer any encouraging words, Estel pick up a fallen branch from a tree nearby and slightly holding it up.

Elladan blinked a few times before he anticipated what his little brother was trying to do. That was a sign of starting the practice. Estel wanted to use that branch as his alternative sword. Elladan began to understand what made his adoptive brother unhappy though he really admired his brother’s courage. Elladan gave a knowing smile to his brother and he raised his own wooden sword preparing to start another practice section.

Once again, sounds of wood hitting wood were heard on the field and the much smaller boy was all too determined to win the game that he was like fighting for his life than merely practicing.

Unfortunately, a rod is a rod, it does not offer any handle and it was a bit heavy for Estel to hold. Not after two strikes, the branch was taken away from Estel’s hand again.

Without sparing another glance or word, Estel ran to an older tree behind and pick up another branch again, only this time, the branch was much thicker and bolder. It was certainly too heavy for Estel as he was pulling one end of the rod while the other end was being scratched on the ground.

Obviously, Estel could not fight with this branch and Elladan could see Estel was tired. It is not a good idea anymore. With a sigh, Elladan spoke to Estel in a soft voice, ‘Estel, put down that branch, it’s too heavy for you and you’ll hurt your muscles if you swing it.’

Estel did not seem to hear his brothers’ words and continued to walk towards his brother.

Seeing that his brother had no wish to stop, Elladan tried another tactic.

‘Estel, come on, I believe there are some cherry cookies just freshly baked in the kitchen. I can smell it from here. How about we sneak in the kitchen and get some of those nice snacks back to your room?’

Estel was now standing just a few inches before Elladan when he stopped right after Elladan finished voicing the word ‘snacks’. Good, the cherry cookies can again do its magic. Elladan thought brightly.

Forgot that he was only holding a wooden sword, Elladan raised his sword up a little and prepared to sheath it. Alas, for a tired Estel, it looked as if it was a sign to start another practice section. Estel, with all his might, turned his waist with both hands holding the branch, he closed his eyes and gathered all his remaining strength in his body and made the big swing of the heavy rod, involuntary releasing a scream at the end.




What was that? Estel thought.

After the swing, the branch was thrown away from Estel’s hand and following the power of his swing, Estel lost his footing and fell on the ground. Slowly pushing himself up, Estel opened his still closed eyes. What he saw was something he would stay in his mind – Elladan, his brother, was lying on the ground and his whole body was trembling.


Estel quickly ran to his brother, who was now trying hard to pull himself up. Estel kneeled beside the elder twin and saw that Elladan had one hand clutching tightly on his chest.

‘Elladan?’ The twin’s braid was loosed and his raven hair was now covering his face, but Estel can hear his brother’s rasped breathing as if he had problem drawing in any air. Estel knew that he must have hit his brother but he had no idea it was a heavy blow. Estel was already depress when he knew he had wounded his brother, when suddenly, Elladan dropped on the ground, not moving at all.

Estel was beyond panic, frantically yelling and crying for his father to come and save Elladan.

‘Elladan, please, wake up!’ Estel’s shaking hands tried to move the hair from his brother’s face, only to see the twin’s closed eyes and blue lips. No. I’ve killed my brother. With quivering lips, Estel cried louder and louder and his tears were running like a waterfall.


It was not long before Elrond heard Estel’s cry and raced to the clearing. The scene before him frozen him and Estel’s pleading call stole his breath away.

‘Elladan, forgive me. I just want to prove I’m strong. But I want nothing of that now. I do not want to kill you at all. Please do not die. Elladan, please come back.’

Elorhir now arrived the field and quickly ran to his twin to check his pulse. Elrohir’s eyes lightened up, ‘Father, he’s alive!’

As if the spell was broken, Elrond ran to the fallen figure, pick his son up and flied to the healing wing.


Elrohir flinched when Elrond cut Elladan’s tunic and showed his bruised chest. There was a line of blood flowing from his twin’s mouth.

Estel was now sitting outside of the healing wing, he was so frightened and his own body was shaking. Gilraen, although worried about his child, she was more worry about what had happened to Elladan. She tried to ask Estel but he just kept his mouth shut.

When Gilraen was about to ask again, the door of the healing wing was opened and revealed Elrond and Elrohir.

‘Do not worry, Elladan is fine. I think Elladan wants to see Estel.’ Then Elrond leaded the trembling child into the room.


Estel kept his head down all the while in the healing wing, when Elrond leaded Estel to the bed where Elladan laid, he took a nearby chair and sit on it himself. Elladan was awake but the pain on his chest made him hard to say anything loud. After a slight nod towards his father, Elrond said,

‘Estel, Elladan cannot speak aloud at the moment, but he wants me to tell you this - he does not blame you. It was an accident that your rod hit your brother, and unlucky for him, he then hit the tree on his back. His lungs was under pressure and made him hard to breath at the time, however, he is fine now.’

Estel stiffen when he heard what had really happen and fresh tears started flowing from his eyes again.

‘I…I thought…it….it seems a good idea…at the time…that I can have a chance to prove myself….but, I did not mean…to hurt….hurt you…’ Estel sobbed.

Elladan moved his hand nearest to Estel and hold Estle’s small hand in his.

‘shhh….little one. Don’t cry. I understand.’ After taking a few coughs, Elladan continued, ‘I am actually proud of you to have that courage.’

Estel finally looked up and met his brother’s face, ‘Really? But…but I hurt you.’ He dropped his head again.

‘Yes, it was an accident. You can learn from it not don’t let it becomes a hindrance to your courage and strength. I am proud of you.’

Estel could not comprehended much of what Elladan said, he still felt guilty and ashamed. However, for now, it sounded right to his little brain. It was then, Estel bursted into a true smile and both brothers thought, that was what truly mattered.


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Blind Strike Can Kill by Viresse

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Re: Blind Strike Can Kill by Viresse (Score: 0)
Posted on Tuesday, April 18 @ 14:57:21 CEST
I always love 'little Estel' and his brothers, so this story was just my cup of tea. The fighting was well done and Estel's mistake was one anyone could make. I'm glad all was well by the end!


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