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How to climb a tree by Lorwen

Games People Play

Rating : G

No summary given



How to climb a tree
Oh, the power to be strong
And the wisdom to be wise
All these things will
come to you in time
On a late summer afternoon, Arwen sat on a bench underneath a lone willow tree reading a book in the orchard. The air was scenting sweet with all the flagrances of the flowers and fruits that surrounded her, making a last stand before the fall would lull them back to sleep. Overhead birds were playing games in the blue sky dotted with white clouds that slowly moved.  All in all it was a quiet afternoon, free from problems or worries.
Suddenly she was pulled from her book by a loud yelp, followed by a crash and ending with a loud moan.  Closing her book with a thud she quickly ran towards the sound and found her son on the ground underneath one of the larger apple trees.
“Eldarion?” she asked, bending next to her son and helped him sit up.  “What happened?”
“I fell,” the boy explained rubbing his head and looking back up.
“I’m sorry son!” Aragorn shouted from in the tree, “I forgot to tell you about certain branches!”
“So I’ve noticed,” Arwen remarked dryly and looked up as well. Seeing Aragorn standing on one of the higher branches she frowned at him.
“Estel, what are you doing?” she asked, motioning him to come down.
“I was teaching him how he could walk in the trees and pick fruit on an easier way,” Aragorn explained as he jumped down from the lowest branch.
“Since when can you walk the trees?” Arwen asked with a playfull tone in her voice.
“Ever since Adar taught me!” Aragorn replied, undignified pulling his clothes straight.
“Ever since he tried to teach you you mean?” Arwen corrected his sentence and pulled Eldarion to his feet.  “Have you hurt yourself?” she asked squatting down before him, pulling his clothes straight and removing some leaves from his hair.
“Ada can <to>walk the trees!” Eldarion pouted and pulled away from his mother’s touch.
“Your Ada thinks he can walk the trees,” Arwen replied smiling and pulled him to her again to pick him up. “I think it’s time you tell him what happened when Adar tried to teach you,” she continued, turning towards Aragorn.  “And please, if you want to teach him, at least ask Elladan or Elrohir to do so.”
This time Aragorn pouted and took Eldarion from his mother’s arm.
“Will you tell me the story Adar?” Eldarion asked pushing him backwards so he could see his father’s face.  “Please?”
“Alright, alright!” Aragorn answered and started to carry the boy with him inside the house.  Sitting him down on a cushioned chair he sat himself down besides him and cleared his throat.
“It all happened so long ago, I was about your age when....”
On this journey that you're making
There'll be answers that you'll seek
And it's you who'll climb the mountain
It's you who'll reach the peak

“See Estel, it isn’t that hard!” Elrond called out to the little boy from inside the canape of the tree.  “Estel?” he asked as no reply came.  Fearing the boy had fallen and injured himself Elrond quickly lowered himself to the lower branches, only to see Estel hanging only a yard from the ground.  Wrapping his arms and legs around the tree he clamped to its trunk pinching his eyes shut as hard as he could.
“Estel?” Elrond asked and no response came; in fact, the boy didn’t even move.  “Estel, look at me,” Elrond asked again, this time a little softer <trying> as he tried to calm him down.
Slowly Estel peeked through one eye up at the much elder elf in the tree, and then opened his second.
“I can’t do it ada,” he almost cried, “It’s to high!”
“You are only a yard from the ground!” Elrond replied, barely containing his laughter.  “I’m sure that, if you let your feet go, you can touch the ground.”
“I’m scared!” Estel cried and kept clinging to the tree’s trunk.
Elrond sighed and leaped down from the branch.  With one step he closed the distance and pulled the boy from the trunk into his arms.
“Maybe we should try an easier tree then?” he asked as the little boy burried his face against his neck.  Pulling back from his father’s neck Elrond could see the teary face nod at him and the boy wiped his tears away with his sleeve.
“One with branches to the floor” Estel snickered.
“One with branches to the floor,” Elrond replied and started looking around.  “That one?” he asked and pointed the tree out to the boy on his arm.
“They are too high!” Estel whined.
“Alright. How about that one then?” Elrond replied again and pointed to another tree, “will we try that one?”
Watching his foster son nod and wipe at his eyes again Elrond smiled and started walking towards it.  Putting him down in front of the tree he stepped back and watched as Estel looked at the first branch and reached out for it.  Grabbing the trunk with both hands, Estel stepped on the wood and pulled his other leg up as well.
Beaming with pride, the little boy looked at his father and jumped up and down on the branch, still holding on to the trunk.
“I did it!  I did it!” Estel shouted to his father, “I climbed a tree!  I can walk trees now!”
Covering his mouth with his hand trying to stiffle his laughter, Elrond watched his human son, merriment shone in his eyes at the sight.
“Well done!” he clapped his hands as he managed to pull his face straight again.  “No do you think you can get onto the next branch?” Elrond asked and placed his hands on the branch he meant.
“It’s very high,” Estel said looking at it, “But I’ll try!” Full of courage he grabbed the trunk a little higher.  Putting one foot on the higher branch his face was stressed with concentration as he slowly moved up and down, reading himself to pull his other foot to the branch as well.
Again he radiated when he got on the second branch as well, and again Elrond clapped and urged him on.  It didn’t take him very long before he had gotten quite high in the tree.  Elrond sat next to him and suddenly Estel realised that the floor was a long way down and stared down to it.
“Ada?” he whispered and clinged to the trunk again, his face turning to a pale colour while he kept his eyes locked on the ground.  “I’ve gotten too high,” he whispered again.
Son of Man, look to the sky
Lift your spirit, set it free

“Don’t look down Estel,” Elrond soothingly spoke pulling the boy away from the tree.  “Look at me, look into my eyes.”
Slowly the boy did as he was asked and Elrond could see the fear in his eyes.
“You’ve gotten very high already today my son,” Elrond spoke, pulling him next to him and setting him down on the branch, his legs dangling in the air.  “When you climb a tree, you’ll always be safe, as long as you think about what you do and as long as you keep your balance.”
“But what if I fall?” the boy asked, wanting to look back down.
“You don’t look down,” Elrond answered softly, reaching for his chin and forcing him to look at him.  “You don’t look down, you look where you can put your feet next,” he continued.  “If you look carefully, you’ll see where you can put it.  There’s no need to hurry, just see, decide what you can do.”
“You mean I can’t fall?”
“You can fall, but only if you don’t look where you are going.”
“Is this how you taught Elladan and Elrohir?” Estel asked, cleary sitting more at ease in the tree dangeling his legs.
“Yes,” Elrond replied and ruffled the boy through his hair.
“And is this the way your Adar taught you?” he continued asking.
“Yes,” Elrond replied again and smiled at the boys inquisitive questions.
“So if your Adar taught you, and you taught Elladan and Elrohir...”
“Yes?” Elrond asked, not knowing where Estel wanted to go with this sentence.
“That must mean it really works!” Estel finished and slowly stood on his feet again.
“I think it does Estel” Elrond smiled at his human son, “Where are you going?”
“I’m going to see how high I can get!” Estel replied and studied the tree to find the next branch.
“Don’t you think you’ve gotten far enough for your first lesson?” Elrond asked.
“I have to face my fears Adar,” Estel replied and grabbed another branch.
“Who gave you that idea?” Elrond asked frowning.
“Elladan told me.  There’s nothing better than to do what somebody is afraid of, to get past it,” he continued and looked back at his father.  “Isn’t that true?” he asked.
“It is true,” Elrond replied, “still I don’t think a boy your age should try to get over all his fears in one day.”
“I won’t,” Estel replied as he turned his head and pushed off to the next branch, reaching it.  “I still will need my night lamp,” he replied as he looked down on his father.  “And I still will need Brôg to sleep,” he continued as he started scanning for the next branch.
“Good” Elrond smiled and watched him grab hold of another branch.
“I need to learn this,” Estel continued, breathing somewhat quicker and pauzed to catch his breath, “So I can teach my sons later.”
“Now where did you get that idea?” Elrond asked surprised, “Elladan again?”
“No Ada” Estel shouted back when he reached the second branch away from him.  “You just told me!”
Laughing briefly Elrond shook his head and watched his son climb higher and higher.  “In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn...” he sighed and smiled.
** End Flashback **
Though there's no one there to guide you
No one to take your hand
But with faith and understanding
You will journey from boy to man
“How high did you get Adar?” Eldarion asked, pulling Aragorn from his reveries.
“Higher than you did earlier,” he smirked and ruffled his son’s hair.
“Can we go try again?” the little boy asked and already started pulling on his arm.
“Yes yes, let’s go,” Aragorn spoke suddenly as his boy pulled him from his reveries again.  “I remember clearly now what Adar taught me, and now I will teach you, so you can teach your sons later.”
Running out to the orchard again it almost seemed as there were two elflings learning each other how to climb trees.
In learning you will teach
And in teaching you will learn
You'll find your place beside the ones you love
Oh, and all the things you dreamed of
The visions that you saw
Well, the time is drawing near now
It's yours to claim in all
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