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Blue Dragon


"She was a beauty! I never did fancy a dwarf so much as her. But life moves on! It was nothing more than an obsession not a true feeling. Now what about you master elf? An elven maiden must have caught your eye once upon a time!" Gimli spoke joyfully while smoking his pipe. Legolas detested such things as pipes, but laughed as Gimli tried to create shapes with the smoke. Once Gimli had asked the question Legolas stiffened. His eyes were suddenly sad. Gimli noticed the change in Legolas' emotions so tried to cheer him but the question still fascinated the dwarf. What could make Legolas so tense? Finally, after making Legolas laugh several times he asked the question again. Legolas trusted the dwarf and he felt that he could never keep anything from him. Once calming himself the second time after Gimli's question he asked himself: why do you keep the truth from everyone? They always say that it's better out than in!

"Legolas?" Gimli asked.

"Sorry but it's not a story I've ever told anyone in full."

"Well I am honoured."

"I suppose I should tell you now I've told you. So here it goes..."

The blue dragon necklace shone upon her breast. She looked at the pendant once more before looking up into two friendly blue eyes. She whispered a thank-you then walked to the nearest seat. Then looked wondrously into the pendant. It was a smooth, round blue stone with swirls of mists moving inside it. Wrapped gracefully around the stone was a small dragon. She heard footsteps walk towards her so glanced up into the familiar, friendly blue eyes. A small smile formed on her face.

"Luewyn," the women with the friendly eyes said, "You are not alone. The world is a vast place and you may be unique but someone will understand. Even as I try too I cannot understand your life fully."

Luewyn thanked Siera for her kind words, but she still wondered what she had meant. Searching around the garden, Luewyn's eyes fell upon her brother. Calavain was one of the royal guards. He smiled at her. The prince stepped in front of her. She looked up into his blue eyes. They were as friendly as his mothers eyes, yet they looked at her differently. In the prince's eyes there thrived a different love for her. A deep love for her. He didn't admit it but Luewyn could see from his eyes. She was gifted in that she could see others deepest feelings in their eyes, however much they tried to hide it. Her smile grew ever more beautiful as he sat down. Luewyn knew she would never be allowed to let their love thrive because of traditions but she could not withhold herself from the feeling. Thrainduil walked across the far end of the garden. Luewyn stood and Curtsied, as to not look disrespectful in front of the king and to not show the feeling. Legolas' mother did not live with Thrainduil for much of the year but lived in lothlorien. There Luewyn and her family had lived and protected the Queen of Mirkwood. In that time Luewyn and Siera had became friendly. Legolas looked questioningly at Luewyn's curtsy. Then followed her gaze to see his father looking from the far end of the garden. It was a celebration of the queens return at mid-winter. Once Thrainduil had left the garden to enter the great hall, Legolas sat. They did not speak for sometime because the garden was far too crowded. Once there were only several other elves left, Legolas held out his hand to Luewyn and led her to the great oak tree overlooking the forest. It was a very tall tree that towered above most others. They gracefully climbed up to a flat ledge-like branch and sat.

"That is a beautiful necklace." Legolas whispered.

"Your mother is a kind women and I am thankful that I am one of her guards. She is an amazing elf."

Legolas smiled at the comment. "She is." there was a pause, "the stars are beautiful tonight. Eärendil is most bright."

"how are your pets? I heard the wildcats are more in numbers now."

"yes. A new arrival came just two weeks ago. She is an albino."

There was a silence. Luewyn fidgeted, "someone draws closer."

They climbed further up into the tree out of sight. It was Thrainduil and Siera. They spoke, but they seemed slightly troubled.

"The dragon is here. She is of my guard but she has not awoken yet. Our son has an eye for her." Siera said.

Thranduil answered, "You cannot mean the child of the water. That is nothing but a myth. There never was a child of the water dragon! And what are you saying about Legolas?"

"He loves her." she replied. "The child exists. Her name is known to us as Luewyn. She is of my guard."

Thrainduil denied Siera and stormed of in frustration. If there really was a child of the water dragon then had to protect them with their life. Everyone owed the water dragon their alligence. If their son really did love her then war would erupt through middle earth, for people would believe Mirkwood wanted the power if the dragon: however obscure that sounded. Sauron would want to use the water dragon to destroy all resistant forces of Middle Earth. If it was true the dragon should never be awakened.

Once all had turned quiet again the pair in the tree stared at each other.

"what was that all about?" Legolas questioned.

"I... I don't know." Luewyn looked worried, "what is the water dragon?"

"Well it's a tale from long ago. Many people don't even believe it! They say that there once was a water dragon. The only dragon friendly with elves, dwarves and men. In the war of the ring, he came to help. He was a mighty warrior but died when he saved the king: he took a whole fleet of arrows to his breast. Several pierced into his soft under belly. Each of them found their way into his heart. In his dyeing words he said something about his child, that she could win the battle to come for either good or bad depending who found and awakened her first."

"And your parents think I'm the child?"

Legolas hesitated then answered, "yes"

Silence fell once more. Luewyn drew one hand to the trunk of the tree. She looked as if she was stroking it. It was hard to talk about anything after the resent events.

It was getting very late. Luewyn excused herself and rushed to her chambers. In the bedroom there was only a bed, chair and chest of drawers. The room had been assigned to her earlier that day several minutes before the conversation with Legolas' mother.

Meanwhile, Legolas had journeyed to his fathers study in search for a book about the water dragon. On his way back to his privet chambers he had walked into his father.

"What are you doing with that book?" he asked.

"Er... Nothing." Legolas answered looking around desperately for an escape from his fathers questions. He had never lied to his father yet and he did not want to start today.

Thrainduil looked at his son questionly. He raised an eyebrow at Legolas' reply, then repeated the question. This time Legolas answered a little more truthfully.

"I wanted to read about the water dragon. It has been so long since I last read this book. Is it true he has a child?"

Thrainduil hesitated. Then spoke quieter than usual, "Yes."

"You know something don't you? Please tell me! I don't like not knowing." legolas said.

Thrainduil hesitated once more but this time he did not relax at all when he spoke. In fact he started to look more and more anxious as he spoke. "Yes, it is something I need to speak to you about, but it will have to wait until tomorrow evening after your archery practise."

"Yes ada. I understand. Goodnight."

"Goodnight, my son."

Both Legolas and Thrainduil walked of more anxious than before and kept looking back to the table near where they had spoken. They did not make eye contact even though their gaze got very close to catching one and others eyes.

Archery practise went well enough. Legolas' mind was elsewhere, but he managed to look like he knew what he was doing. His skills still awed the young elflings but any close friend of his would notice the difference. By the time the session had finished many of the new younglings to the archery practise were talking excitedly among one another. It was time for his dad to explain what was happening.

The sky clear and cloudless. Legolas took a deep breath then ventured into the palace. He was met by the usual greetings from the servants. His fathers study was only several paces away when he had another uncalled encounter.

"Legolas, is everything ok?" a sweet voice called.

His mother walked out of the shadows of the corridor and in front of Legolas. Noticing his mother would have been usual any other day, but Legolas' mind was wondering elsewhere.

"Legolas?" the sweet voice called again.

"Nothing, father wants to speak to me about something."

His mother looked questionably back at Legolas, she knew there was something more. She knew it was about Luewyn, but she didn't want to loose her son even to such a noble women as Luewyn yet.

"Surely it can wait? We will be leaving for our mid-winter picnic soon. You may join Luewyn in the guard if it pleases you."

Legolas stared in horror at the orcs. At least thirty were marching towards them. They were alone, but they had to protect the queen who was having a mid-winter picnic with Thrainduil. they both drew their bows and aimed. By the time the orcs had got too close for them to use their bow and arrows, there was only seven orcs. Luewyn numbed out of the tree first with a long sword drawn. Before she had landed, she had already killed two orcs. Legolas followed. The elves used great speed and skill while fighting. An Orc arrow flew through the air and embedded itself in Luewyn's shoulder. She gasped and stumbled backwards. There were only three orcs left now. The Orc Luewyn was fighting used her stumble to make another blow to her right side. Luewyn screamed in pain as the Orc wrenched it's blade out. Legolas had, by this time, killed the other orc, so he threw his sword into the Orc who was fighting Luewyn's chest. The Orc fell to the floor dead. There was one Orc left, he was hiding in the shadows of the trees with his bow drawn. He let the last arrow he had, loose and ran back to the Orc campsite, several miles away. The arrow hovered In the air for, what seemed like, a minute or two. Then the arrow soared down to it's victim. Legolas looked up in horror as he saw the arrow come. His feet were glued to the forest floor were Luewyn lay. Luewyn could bot get up now for the arrow was poisoned, but she used the last of her strength to push Legolas over. The arrow just scrapped his shoulder as he fell. Luewyn's breathing was fast and jagged now. The poison was moving fast around her body making her feverish. Legolas quickly scooped up Luewyn's body and rushed to the clearing were his mother and father were eating peacefully. Luewyn could make no protests now because even moving her lips caused her great pain.

"Naneth, Adar help us please," Legolas said.

Siera rushed to her sons side and looked at Luewyn. She gestured for him to take Legolas to the picnic mat. Legolas gently lay her down on the area that had been cleared of off food. Thrainduil new little of healing but he did know hoe to heal poisons of Mordor if it wasn't too late. He looked for the signs that the poison hadn't spread to the heart. Everything seemed so wrong! The poison was acting too quickly and he didn't have any healing materials on him. He cursed himself at this then looked back at his patient. She was already supposed to be in a fever but Luewyn had somehow clung to consciousness. Then he looked at the veins that were visible on her body. To his horror the poison had already gained entrance to the heart. He lent back then looked at his son with sorry eyes.

"she cannot be saved, the poison has already got to her heart."

Legolas whispered a gasped no then lifted Luewyn's body into his arms. He hugged her close.

"Do not worry for me. I will see you again. Maybe not in this life but one day. Your journey lies beyond the seas Legolas. But first you must fight through this life. Just don't follow me intensionally. Namarie Legolas."

Luewyn started to loose consciousness and her breathing lessened and heartbeat slowed. She was leaving.

"No please don't go!" Legolas whispered tearfully but she was already gone. The water dragon's child was no more. She looked at peace once more. The hand that was in his fell limp. Something was there, in her hand. It was here necklace. She had meant to give it to him before she died. But didn't have the strength to.

Legolas rested a small kiss on here forehead. "Namarie Luewyn."

Legolas gently rested Luewyn's body on the picnic rug and wept.

Gimli had been silent for the most part of the story except for the odd quiet gasp. This time Gimli gasped the loudest. Legolas had a small tear track down the right side of his face. Legolas quickly realised what Gimli was looking at then wiped the tear away.

"what did she look like?" Gimli asked quietly.

A small smile swept across Legolas' face then disappeared as quickly as it came. "She had dark brown hair and blue eyes as deep as the whole sea you cross to reach Valinor. Sparkling like Eärendil itself. Her smile was as sweet as the spring mournings with small dew drops shimmering on the spider webs." Legolas looked distant. He looked like one who was dreaming, dreaming a most wonderful dream. "She was always smiling, yet not always happy. She always wore blue." He gestured to the necklace he wore, "this was the necklace given to her by my mother. Blue is such a beautiful colour..."


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