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Betrayal and Forgiveness

Disclaimer: ,I unfortunately, do Not own LOTR characters. Just the story.

Warning: blood, violence and death

Summary: The Fellowship was true to the beginning. But trust is failing and evil strikes.

"We now have no other choice but to travel trough Moria." Gandalf said looking at the pile of rocks and stones that the lake monster crashed down in its fury. "Be on your guard, for there are fouler and eviler things lurking in the shadows of Moria." Gandalf began to make for the passage that led through Moria. "Wait!" Pippin's voice was clear in the dark. "Aragon and Legolas are gone" he called out. "Find them!" Boromir shouted in distress. The four hobbits began frantically throwing rocks off the pile of rubble. "I found one of them!" Merry called Boromir over to help. Within seconds they had Aragon out. They immediately noticed the large gash on his head. "Thanks." he muttered. "It's hard to breathe under a pile of rocks." He tried to sit up but winced. "My shoulder, I think it's dislocated." he moaned. Boromir began to help Aragon when Pippin screamed out in horror, "Gandalf!" The three hobbits and boromir rushed over to find Pippin trying to lift Legolas out of the rocks. Gandalf threw Pippin off Legolas and bent down to inspect the elf. "Give me room!" he snapped at the hobbits who crept to close. Everyone but Boromir stepped back as Gandalf searched for broken bones and other injuries. Finally, he stepped back. "He has internal bleeding and a broken arm." Gandalf sighed. "Hobbits, Lay your cloaks down on the floor." They obeyed and Gandalf laid Legolas on the cloaks. Legolas was unconscious. "We must get him to the elves of Lorien very soon." Gandalf said. "I will do my best to stop the bleeding, though I do not have the necessary skill." He raised his staff over Legolas's head and began speaking a strange form of elvish.

Boromir had put Aragon's shoulder back into place, but he was suffering from a bad concussion. "I have done everything in my power to heal Legolas." Gandalf said. "He will be waking up soon." Just as Gandalf finished speaking , they heard a soft moan from the elf. Gandalf sat down and began thinking. Gimli and Boromir went to Legolas's side. "He isn't completely awake yet." Gimli stated. "No, but he is waking fast." Boromir frowned. "I do not want to see him in pain." He glanced at Gandalf. "Can't you put him back to sleep?" Boromir pleaded as Legolas gained consciousness. "No." Gandalf replied. "Why?" "We won't have to watch Legolas suffer." Boromir was desperate. "He needs to be awake, I will explain it later." Gandalf muttered. Boromir sighed as he turned his attention to Legolas who was trying to hide the fact that he was injured and in great pain. "No, lie still." Boromir stopped Legolas from trying to sit up. " We must continue." Gandalf said. Gimli and Sam helped support Aragon. Boromir picked up Legolas who groaned in pain. "Careful!" Gandalf rushed over to Boromir. "Do not make the bleeding start again." Gandalf picked up one of the cloaks and wrapped it around Legolas who had started to fall asleep in Boromir's arms. "No!" "Do not sleep!" Gandalf woke Legolas up quite abruptly, but gently. "Boromir, do not let him sleep." "If he does, he might not wake up again." Boromir nodded unhappily as he looked at the hurting elf in his arms. He pulled the cloak over Legolas tighter and followed the others. As they drew near to a flight of steep stairs, Boromir began to panic. he could never carry Legolas up there. But Gandalf, the hobbits and Gimli helped sturdy him as he climbed up the stairs. After the miserable ascent, they came to a clearing with three doors. Gandalf did not know which way to go so they stopped and rested. Boromir had to wake Legolas four times. Gandalf eventually gave him herbs that kept him from sleeping.

An hour had passed and Gandalf still didn't know what passage to take. Boromir had been staring at the walls until he heard Legolas moaning. "Gandalf!" he called the wizard over. "something is wrong!" Gandalf gently took Legolas out of Boromir's arms and laid him on the floor. "He is bleeding again." Gandalf muttered. He managed to stop it again. and went back to think. "Oh!" "It's that way!" Gandalf led them through the left door. They came to a massive chamber with huge columns holding the roof up. "Legolas, try to look!" Boromir whispered in Legolas's ear. The elf mumbled something and twisted his head to see. "Now there's an eye opener at no mistake!" Sam gasp. Gimli suddenly dashed away from the group into a chamber. The company followed, Boromir and Legolas last. Gimli was kneeled down and sobbing at the foot of a stone coffin. Gandalf picked up a book and began to read from the worn pages. Pippin walked backward and accidentally bumped a skeleton on a well, and it went crashing down below. "Fool of a took!" "Throw yourself in next time and rid us of your stupidity!" Gandalf scolded the hobbit. The entire party froze as orc drums echoed in the tunnels. "Get Legolas in the far back of the room!" Gandalf yelled. Boromir carried Legolas to a protected corner and laid him down, then joined Aragon who had made an excellent recovery. They shut the door and barred it shut. "They have a cave troll!" Boromir gasp. As the orcs came in, Aragon, Boromir and Gimli charged. As Boromir fought, he kept an eye on Legolas. A loud growl sounded as a cave troll barged in. Aragon wasted no time in attacking it. He jumped on it's head and began stabbing it. Boromir lunged in, lodging a spear in it's chest. Aragon jumped off and watched as it fell to the floor dead. They killed the first wave of orcs, but more were on their way. Boromir took Legolas and they ran for the bridge. By the time they got halfway to it, orcs had surrounded them. But all the orcs fled as a orange light and deep bellows sounded from the far doorway. "A belrok!" Gandalf shouted. "Run!" After a long run they had crossed the bridge. Gandalf stopped and fought the belrok, but both fell down into the deepest caverns of the mountain. Frodo was carried out by Aragon and once out they stopped for three minutes. "Aragon!" Legolas is drifting!" "I cant do anything!" Boromir yelled. "On your feet!" Aragon commanded.

They finally reached the woods of Lorien. Once they reached the elven city, Galadriel met them. She strode over to where Legolas was lying. "He needs healing." she told Aragon. "Leave him with me tonight and you will find he'll be ready to travel tomorrow." Aragon nodded and Boromir sighed happily knowing the elf would be alright.

Galadriel had given them boats for easier travel down the river. Boromir and Legolas shared the same boat. As they traveled down the river Boromir was unusually quiet. "Boromir?" Legolas turned around "Huh?" Boromir looked up. "Why are you so quiet?" Legolas seemed worried. "You would not understand if I told you." Boromir replied blankly. "You may still tell me." Legolas offered his support. "You will not say anything to the others?" Boromir ask his voice softening. "You have my word." Legolas smiled. "The ring is calling." "I can't ignore the voice anymore." Boromir uttered. "What is it saying?" Legolas was absolutely focused on Boromir. "It's telling me that with it I could prove my worth to my father who favors Faramir over me." Boromir's voice began to crack. "Oh Boromir, is that why you acted so disturbed at the council?" Legolas moved and sat down by Boromir. "Because you wanted to get the same affection as Faramir?" Legolas's tone was full of compassion for his friend. "Yes." Boromir admitted. "Legolas!" "Boromir!" Aragon called from the other boat startling them. "We dock here!" Aragon hollered. Boromir nodded and steered the boat to the shore. They made up camp and Legolas sat down to rest. "are you alright?" Boromir ask. "Just tired." Legolas sighed. "I wanted to thank you." Legolas looked up at Boromir. "For what?" Boromir ask confused. "For helping me in the mines." Legolas smiled. "Your welcome." Boromir replied. "I think Aragon needs my help now!" "I'll get firewood and let you rest." Boromir turned around and walked into the forest. Legolas sat against a tree and stared at the lake.

A while has passed and Boromir hadn't returned. "Where's Frodo?" Gimli suddenly ask seeing that the hobbit was nowhere to be seen. As if on cue Frodo ran in to the clearing terrified. "What in middle earth is the matter?" Sam ask. "The ring!" "Boromir took it!" Frodo wailed. Legolas jumped up and dashed into the forest. "Legolas!" "I'll go to!" Aragon followed the elf "No!" "This is my task!" Legolas stopped Aragon. "Go help Frodo!" Aragon was reluctant but saw that Legolas meant it. Aragon turned back and Legolas continued. He finally saw Boromir kneeling down with the ring in his hand. "Boromir?" Legolas decided reason would be the best tactic for bring Boromir back from the ring. Boromir jumped up and glared at Legolas. "What did you do?" Legolas ask calmly. "None of your business!" "It's MINE now!" Boromir hissed. Legolas remained calm and walked over to Boromir. "No Boromir, it belongs to Frodo." "And it must be destroyed." Boromir suddenly drew his sword. "No!" "you just want it for yourself!" Legolas stopped. The ring was very powerful. It would be hard to reason with Boromir, but Legolas thought he could do it. "Boromir, the ring is powerful." "But you must let it go." "There are other ways of showing your value." Legolas reached out to put his hand on Boromir's shoulder. "No!" "You will not have it!" Boromir shouted and stabbed legolas in the chest. Legolas gasp and staggered backwards. Boromir suddenly realized what he had done. NO! I betrayed the fellowship! How could I? Boromir dropped his sword and the ring and looked at his friend. The elf had a hurt expression on his face. Legolas then fell to the ground unmoving. Boromir dropped to his knees. "What have I done?" he sobbed. "Boromir!" Aragon rushed out of the trees but halted when he saw Boromir kneeling over Legolas's lifeless body. "What happened?" he ask in fright. "I....I killed Legolas!" Boromir sobbed. "No!" Aragon rushed over to see. Gimli followed by the hobbits came last. Argon grabbed the ring before it took over Boromir again. "Frodo!" "Here it is." Aragon handed the ring to Frodo. Boromir looked up. "You will never forgive me will you?" "I know I'll never forgive myself!" Boromir had tears streaming down his face. "Boromir, It was not your fault he died." Aragon knelt down and wrapped his arm around Boromir. "It was the ring." "I have no reason to forgive you." "Yet I will not rest till Frodo destroys the ring!" Boromir glanced at Frodo. He was no longer frightened, but grieving for his lost companion. "Orcs!" Gimli shouted and jumped up and gripped his axe. Aragon drew his sword and the hobbits ran into the forest. Boromir ran with the hobbits just in case they needed protection. the orcs were gaining on them. "Run Frodo!" Boromir shouted "Not without me!" Sam cried as he followed Frodo. Merry and Pippin were petrified, terrified as they watched Boromir fight in the hopeless situation. All of a sudden boromir fell down. Merry gasp as he saw an arrow in Boromir's chest. Boromir took a rasping breath and died. the two hobbits charged on the orcs, only to be whisk off their feet and carried away. Aragon and Gimli rushed after the orcs but stopped when they saw Boromir had died also. Gimli fell onto his knees. "The fellowship, it's useless!" he wailed. Aragon threw down his sword in frustration. "It is clear Frodo and Sam left!" he said. "But the two of us won't abandon Merry and Pippin will we?" he ask. "No we won't!" Gimli shouted and the two ran off to rescue the two hobbits.

The End!

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