Date: Wednesday, July 26 @ 13:38:44 CEST
Topic: Ideas

Summary: (K) Legolas subs in as archery teacher

When the usual Mirkwood archery instructor was called away, it was her idea to ask Legolas to step in. Legolas agreed, thinking it a pleasant change. A teacher many years before had told him that the surest way to refresh one’s skills was to teach new students.

For the most part, the young elves were studious, concentrating on their shots. A few eagerly wanted to tell him about the archery sets their Naneths had behind their flets.

“Really?” he nodded.

Some had problems with form, whom he was able to gently correct. Their faces beamed as they showed improvement.

And then there was Arthonnen.

Arthonnen was frustrated, and Legolas was frustrated he had not yet found the way to help Arthonnen.

“Let me watch you draw again,” Legolas said, carefully moving among the stands and quivers.

As Arthonnen drew his bow, Legolas noticed that he turned his head to sight his arrow with the other eye. Legolas’s eyebrows drew up, and he reached for a different bow.

“I have an idea. May I trade you this bow instead? Try this in your other hand. I know you write with the one, but I think you have a different dominant eye.”

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